Alexa has read tarot

cards for 4 decades

and 7 years. She worked

at the Golden Buddha before and looks forward

to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Sometimes life is a circle and the way to

come to the path, to

begin, is

to come back, again to

the beginning. Looking

forward to seeing

everyone soon.

Alexx has been using the runes as a divination tool for

over two decades. He has been offering readings to others for the past several years and can be found at

the Golden Buddha a few days each week. 
Runes are an ancient language of symbols that were used for writing and divination by the Vikings and other people of Northern Europe. 
Combining intuition

and other insights

with the runes many layers of meaning allows Alexx to

provide a kind of "chart" to help the client gain insight into their life situations. A written copy of the reading is provided. Come in and meet Alexx and experience the practical wisdom

of the Runes for yourself.

Angel Work. Peter is a shamanic earth angel

who works with angels

to bring balance and to clear negative imprints, helping to reconnect to your personal heart energy.  With Michael and Gabriel, Peter uses sound, tonal messages, and grounding to help

let go of negative shadows that may be refuging within.  In turn providing the released freedom with the universe's plan for that person. 



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